Michelle offers small group coaching, facilitates mastermind groups,
hosts virtual trainings, and has lead workshops with as many as 500 attendees.
She is available for keynote speaking engagements as well.
Michelle will disturb the comfort zone, to create an experience where clients grow more positive in their outlook,
gain greater confidence in their abilities, and begin to take bigger action in the direction of their goals.
Michelle's value is in the results and the transformation that clients experience through working with her.
In Michelle's words: "People value me for my mind, trust me for my heart, and hire me for both."
Through Michelle's presentations, workshops and seminars, participants learn
to take self-inventory and empower themselves to do the following:

Fear: Uncover the unconscious beliefs and fears that hold them back

Procrastination: Eliminate the self-sabotage that causes them to procrastinate
Vision: Stretch their vision of what's possible for their careers and personal lives
Accountability: Hold themselves accountable to a higher level of performance
Relationships: Build resourceful and enriching relationships
Habits: Establish new habits that create greater success
Mindset: Adopt the mindset strategies that create financial breakthroughs.
Business Roadmap: We offer the opportunity to go from where you are to where you want to be!


Michelle is an excellent facilitator. She communicates with enthusiasm and professionalism, and provides meaningful exercises where her audience can experience a breakthrough. Her workshops have been extremely beneficial to me. She delivers great content, and great value.

- Mary Lastrapes: Founder & President, RTR Consulting

Working with Mrs. Thibodeaux has been a blessing for me, both personally and professionally. I can't put a price on her mentorship.

- Hennessy Williams: Hennessy Williams Photography

Michelle is God-sent! She encourages me, believes in me, and speaks life into my business. What I love about her is her no non-sense, direct, don't take it personal approach. Her coaching is honest, caring, and insightful. I am a better business woman because of it. Love her to life!

- Kandi Winford: Insurance Advisor at Country Financial