We all need mentors! They guide us and encourage us.
They check us and correct us, and help shorten the learning curve.
Here are my chosen mentors, successful people whom
I have studied and studied under.
I've read their books, attended their workshops, webinars,
and conferences, and I've been blessed by each of their foresight and wisdom.

- Lisa Nichols: Founder of Motivating The Masses and Author of "No Matter What"

- Tim & Kris Hallbom: Founders of The NLP Coaching Institute of California

- John F. Hannah: Pastor of New Life Covenant Church Southeast, and Author of "What To Do While Your Waiting" and "Desperate For Jesus"

- Brendon Burchard: Founder of High Performance Academy and Author of "The Charged Life"

- William Pickard, Ph.D: Philanthropist, Lecturer, and one of America's most successful entrepreneurs

- Oi-Lin Chen: President of Sunrider International-A Global Leader in Herbal Nutritionals

- Marianne Williamson: Thought Leader, Lecturer, Activist, and Author of "A Return to Love" , "The Gift of Change", "The Law of Divine Compensation" and many other great works

- Dorothy Thibodeaux: My Mom - She taught me to do all things from a place of love

- Nathan Thibodeaux: My Dad - He taught me to fight for the things that matter