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The model of excellence!!!
When you attend a workshop given by Michelle Thibodeaux, you leave with an abundance of information and inspiration. You'll realize that no one is holding you back from your dreams, but you. Once you kick your fears aside, you'll discover your massive wings and begin to soar!

- Deborah Henry: President of Fresh Look Communications

Over the past 10 years, I've met many people who claim to be mentors and coaches. Michelle Thibodeaux stands head and shoulders above them. In every class and workshop, and I've participated in many, Michelle provides valuable information and insight. She provides sound advice and encouragement. The networking opportunities alone have grown my business in ways I could not have imagined. I'm her student for life...

- Stephanie McCorkle: 606 Virtual Assistance

When I say Michelle's workshop was powerful, I feel my words are so inadequate. Today, I saw the blueprint for how my business will grow exponentially! Michelle passionately delivered the message in a way that hit home and shook up my thinking. I see where I can improve, I know what to do next, and I'm ready to Soar!

- Monique Bailey: Skyy Level Group Fitness