Your success in business, and in life, will spring forth from what you do daily.  It’s not about a one-time big, bold action step, but rather what you do consistently, the steps you take day in and day out.  Who you are, what you do, and how you vibrate on a consistent basis, is the key. Reaching your next level of wealth will require that you take next level action.  Whether you’re looking to start a business, grow your business, climb the corporate ladder, or simply make the money you feel you deserve, it’s your daily habits that will largely produce the results. Take an inventory of your habits.  Identify and acknowledge the counter-productive routines you’ve fallen into, and make a shift. Let go of the old habits that no longer serve you well, and create new habits that will empower you to excel.

Make it a habit of getting your day off to a great start, whatever that is for you.  And by all means, get enough sleep the night before.  So what gets you going in the morning? Prayer, meditation, music, yoga, a brisk run, a walk through the park, cuddling with your spouse, a hot cup of coffee or herbal tea.  Create a morning routine that energizes you. Win The Morning, and you’ll have a far better chance of winning the day!

Make it a habit of being positive and proactive.  This can completely change your life.  Do you dwell on problems, or do you focus on solutions?  Do you give attention to what you don’t want, or do you focus more on what you do want?  Are you discouraged because of past failures, or are you grateful for the lessons learned?  Are you settling for the mediocre, or are you daring to live your dreams?
Make it a habit of being intentional.  Most of us want more out of life, but we aren’t very clear about what that is.  Lack luster behavior will only produce lack luster results. Set your intentions daily.  Intend to work in excellence. Intend to offer quality products and great value. Intend to deliver exceptional customer service.  Intend to be warm and friendly. Intend to see the best in others. Intend to get the business! Intend to be your best self!
Make it a habit of sticking with it.  Successful people don’t quit.  You may change directions, you may change vehicles, you may change partners, but you’re still headed to The Promised Land.  To you, failure is simply feedback, and the struggle makes you stronger. You remain confident, and you’re excited about the future. If this sounds like you, Be Ready; success is about to chase you down!
- Michelle D. Thibodeaux is Founder and President of Prosperity Coaching Academy.