I serve the small business owner, the sales professional, the entrepreneur.
My focus is on Results and Transformation. Through workshops and small group coaching,
I help my clients see themselves differently,
take bold action towards achieving their dreams,
and get faster, bigger, and better results than
they could on their own.

As a result of working with me, my clients gain confidence, think outside the box, become more productive,
form strategic partnerships, and consequently experience more wealth, success, and happiness.

I'm excited to work with you if:

You know deep down inside that there’s something greater for you than where you are right now.
Your desire to get to the next level is greater than the fear or complacency that has held you back.
You are open to learning new things, new ways, and embracing the possibilities.
You are willing to do the work required to grow and move ahead.
If this is you...

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I cannot thank Michelle enough! As an attorney, I am often relied uopon to help find solutions for my clients' various business problems. Well, attorneys need support in growing their business too. Through Michelle's coaching, I was able to identify the mental struggles that were blocking me from acheving more. I've learned to shift my perspective and change the paradigm. It's amazing how, when you think bigger, bigger opportunities come your way. Additionally, Michelle's workshops are filled with business professionals, providing a great source of networking and fellowship!

- Maria Barlow The Law Offices of Maria Barlow

Michelle's workshops are relevant to all business owners, large and small. Her approach empowers participants to achieve their best, both professionally and personally. I left with a wealth of information to take my business to the next level, in a God-centered way. Michelle, thanks for your leadership and your love.

- Stan Washington President, Honor Services Inc.

Every time I attend one of Michelle's workshops, webinars, or conferences, these 3 things happen: Questions get answered, I gain knowledge and a fresh perspective, I get affirmed and recharged! I've got what it takes to do what i gotta do, to get where I want to be! Michelle is personable, professional, and committed to helping others succeed. So thankful for her and her phenomenal prosperity coaching. I, Lynn Solar, am a multi-million dollar success! Don't let my humble beginnings fool ya!

- Lynn Solar Singer, Artist Actress